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Hello, and welcome to haunted_icons, fistsandfangs's icon journal. When I first joined LiveJournal, I had no intention of making or posting graphics, and my username reflected that. A lot of the graphics I posted at my old journal were very beginner, and after over two years of practice, I've decided it's time to start with a clean slate. This journal will contain only graphics; miscellaneous junk will be posted at my old journal. Please feel free to friend this journal for updates, and don't forget to follow the rules and enjoy your stay. Thanks for visiting! ♥

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+ Credit when using any of my graphics. Click here for an example of how to credit.
+ Comment if you're taking any of my graphics.
+ You are welcome to friend me. This does not always been I will add you.
+ NO HOTLINKING! If you need to host images, try Photobucket or ImageShack. Don't know what hotlinking is? Click here.
+ NO STEALING! Do not edit my icons in any way, or redistribute them. Do not claim them as your own.

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